AWS Quick Start Offerings for Germany, Switzerland, and Austria:

Setting up a Best Practice AWS Organization Infrastructure

If done right, the cloud can bring a host of new opportunities and improvements to businesses. For example, it is possible to track costs incurred in the cloud in great detail. AWS offers a variety of tools to realistically map the enterprise structure in the cloud and, together with a multitude of native cloud services, increase the level of cost control in a way that would not be possible on premises. As is often the case, however, it is the beginning that causes difficulties for many companies. In particular, the question of how to adopt or map existing corporate structures in the cloud is being addressed.

In this workshop, we will focus on this question in particular, how we can map your existing company structure in the AWS cloud. For this purpose, we will cover the following points in a total of about three days:

  • What is a multi-account structure, why is it recommended by AWS, and what is the best way to build one?
  • How can we best map your enterprise structure in the AWS cloud? In particular, what are the responsibilities and how can teams work most productively?
  • Which of the already existing (on-premises) structures want/can be integrated?
  • How can we gain full cost control and create structures to monitor and reduce costs?
  • How do we build an infrastructure in the cloud that meets the latest security standards?
  • What is infrastructure as code and why do we need it to succeed in the cloud?


  • From AWS recommended and best practice multi-account structure
  • An infrastructure that meets the latest security requirements
  • The ideal foundation for your cloud journey
  • An easily scalable environment


  • 3 person days
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Further Offerings:


AWS Quick Start and Assessment

The AWS Cloud, with its rich set of services, offers a wide range of opportunities to help businesses move into the digital age of the 21st century. But getting the most out of the cloud's benefits, such as flexibility, security and cost reduction, requires a great deal of experience and knowledge. PRODYNA has a long history of cloud expertise and is the ideal partner for all topics related to cloud migration and strategy. Benefit from the vast knowledge of our AWS experts and have your cloud strategy analyzed in this one-day workshop.


Modernization of Enterprise Java Applications and EKS Quick Start

The demand for short development cycles, massive scalability, and increased reliability is driving the Cloud Native revolution. This offering will introduce your organization to the Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) by setting up a cloud native application development environment and migrating one of your existing Java based applications to a fully functional Kubernetes cluster in the AWS Cloud. We will bring you our reference architecture and development environment to assist you with creating.


Creation of an Enterprise Java MVP Application using EKS

The need for a short time to market, low risk, massive scalability, and increased reliability is driving the Cloud Native revolution. A Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is the smallest possible functional version of a future product or service. A MVP is used to test the viability of a business idea or technology. With this offering, we will turn your idea into a fully functional MVP running in the AWS Cloud.



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