Let's meet at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon2020

 Date: 17-20 August, 2020   I   Online Event



We are at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2020

Join the largest Kubernetes Conference to connect with the world’s leading cloud native communities. We are looking forward to insightful discussions, talks about the latest cloud native trends and networking with leading technologist and innovators. We are looking forward to meeting you and discussing topics such as:

  • App modernization and cloud migration

  • Creating a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) in cloud native

  • Cloud native continuous integration and delivery

  • Kubernetes trainings

Test your development skills

Kubernetes pods make the life of a Kubernetes admin much easier. They facilitate deployment, scaling and replication of application. They also enable the mutual use of data and the communication between containers.

Go back in time and proof your skills with our old school game. Collect as many pods as possible, but make sure you are having enough nodes for your capacity. 

Your trusted partner in the digital space

Driven by the major cloud providers, our industry is undergoing a tremendous shift in how we build and run software. Speed, agility, and scalability are at the core of the new “cloud native” approach. As PRODYNA, we are committed to offer our customers innovative and future proof solutions which require us to continuously adapt to such developments. The following offerings give an overview of what is necessary to find your way into the cloud for specific use cases and how PRODYNA can support you.


Cloud Native Modernisierung der Unternehmensanwendungen

Cloud Native Modernization of Enterprise Applications

The demand for short development cycles, massive scalability, and increased reliability is driving the cloud native revolution. This offering focuses on setting up a cloud native application environment and migrating an existing application to facilitate your modernization efforts.

Erstellung einer Cloud Native MVP Unternehmensanwendung

Creation of a Cloud Native Enterprise Application MVP

A Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is the smallest possible functional version of a future product or service and is used to test the viability of a business idea or technology. This offering highlights how we will turn your idea into a fully functional MVP running on a cloud native platform.

Hands-On Kubernetes Training

Hands-On Kubernetes Training

As a Kubernetes Training Partner and Kubernetes Certified Service Provider we combine a proven training program with extensive practical know-how to bridge the gap between theory and practice. All our trainings are conducted by Certified Kubernetes Administrators and/or Certified Kubernetes Application Developers.


We are Kubernetes and Microsoft Certified

Kubernetes Certified and Training Logo

Kubernetes is the world’s most popular container-orchestration platform helping users to build, scale and manage modern applications and their dynamic lifecycles. First developed at Google, Kubernetes now counts nearly 3,000 contributors and is used by some of the world’s most-innovative companies, across a wide range of industries. The cluster scheduler capability lets developers build cloud native applications, while focusing on code rather than ops. Kubernetes future-proofs application development and infrastructure management on-premises or in the cloud, without vendor or cloud-provider lock-in.

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Corporation is an international software company. With approx. 114,000 employees and a revenue of approx. $ 90 billion, the company is the world's largest software and hardware manufacturer, offering a wide range of software products and services for various user devices. The product range extends from Windows operating systems for laptops, mobile devices, and networks to server software for client-server environments, application programs and desktop applications for companies and private users. Also, Microsoft offers multimedia applications, Internet platforms, and developer tools. The world's most widely used Windows operating system and the Office software suite, Office, are the mainstays of the company.