Software development for startups

Startups need software development services that combine entrepreneurial courage and profound reliability with high-end technologies. PRODYNA's dedicated, European-based teams develop everything from MVPs to sophisticated and fully functional apps and systems. Regardless of your industry, we deliver world-class digital products.

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A kick-start for startups

Software development should not be the problem that keeps a startup from taking off. PRODYNA offers a dedicated startup-focused collaboration model with experienced software developers and technology experts, and has a long track record of achieving common goals.

Right team 1

The right team, right now

We provide dedicated teams to develop your projects based on cutting-edge and disruptive technologies. In doing so, we work in an extremely agile and pragmatic manner to ensure a fast time-to-market.

Entrepreneurial strength 5

Entrepreneurial strength

We understand the special energy of startups. Just like you, our teams strive to help shape and implement new ideas and innovations.

Ambitious goals 1

Ambitious goals and rapid delivery

We work with startups from pitch deck to MVP to go-live to ensure your efforts are supported by smart and fast software development.

Spirit of dedication

A spirit of dedication

We approach our work with commitment and loyalty. You can rely on our professionalism, independence, and transparency as we advise on challenges ranging from product strategy to team structure.
Our services

MVP development 1

MVP development

In software development for startups, success often depends on a solid MVP to keep costs and results in good balance. We create MVPs and prototypes with an optimal balance between time and cost.

Product development strategy and roadmapping

Product development strategy and roadmapping

High-quality software solutions are not only based on technical know-how, but also on solid development processes. We optimally tailor our approach to the project at hand, relying in particular on agile approaches.

UX UI and redesign

UX/UI design and redesign

The success of digital solutions depends on an optimal UX: If users stumble when interacting with a digital product, there is room for improvement. We approach every project with a user-centric mindset.

SaaS, desktop and mobile product development

SaaS, desktop and mobile product development

Do you want to launch your product in three months? Our software development services are ready to deploy and scalable.

Quality Assurance and testing

Quality assurance and testing

Our experienced QA teams develop an appropriate testing strategy for each project. Test results are transparent at every stage of the project and improvements are continuously implemented. For core processes, we rely on test automation from the very beginning.

Reliable and support

Reliable and ongoing support

At PRODYNA, software development does not stop when the product is on the market. Our task is to monitor the ongoing operation of your systems, to intervene in case of problems, to patch and to further develop together with you.

Our promise
Regardless of platform, industry, size, or stack, you can count on every product we deliver to meet these requirements:


We take measures to ensure that solutions are stable and free of vulnerabilities and risks, and that all relevant legal requirements are met (e.g., GDPR).



We develop based on modern and future-proof technologies and always design our architectures to be open to continuous technological development in order to stay up to date.

Scalable from day one 1

Scalable from day one

Sometimes businesses grow exponentially. Our teams develop software that scales to meet future needs. Our cloud-native development paradigm is key to meeting future needs.

The right solution to fit your demand

Easing the loads

Easing the loads

When your internal team needs help, we have a simple solution. We provide developers who quickly and reliably integrate with your development teams to absorb workloads.

Hire an entire developer team

Hire an entire developer team

Need a quick solution and do not have your own team to ensure a fast time to market? Our experienced developers and architects can hit the ground running and get the job done for you.

Hand over the full challenge

Hand over the full challenge

You have a project with high complexity, many stakeholders and a high level of integration? PRODYNA defines the requirements for your digital product together with you and implements it proactively and with responsibility for results.

Your partner for successful startups
Speed, agility and power: We understand what matters most to startups.

Top-notch talent 2

Top-notch talent

  • Experienced technology experts
  • Comprehensive training system
  • Low attrition rate of 5.6%

Efficient communication 2

Efficient communication

  • Transparent workflow
  • State-of-the-art collaboration tools
  • Seamless integration into your workflow

Best-in-class quality 2

Best-in-class quality

  • High development standards
  • Deep domain expertise
  • Comprehensive mastery of relevant processes and methodologies

Exceptional flexibility 2

Exceptional flexibility

  • Fast start
  • Flexible on- and offboarding
  • Zero operational overhead
Let's get started
PRODYNA helps you accelerate your growth and achieve your individual goals. As a certified partner of all major cloud providers (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform), you have full competence at your fingertips. The result is long-standing, trusted collaborations with our customers who have chosen us as their strategic partner, to launch and scale their product development. In numbers, this means:
20 years of experience 2

years of experience developing
custom solutions

450 dedicated developers on tap

dedicated developers on tap

680 clients served

clients served

$2B+ raised by our clients collectively 2

used technologies

70% senior-level specialists

senior-level specialists

73% of clients stem from referrals

of clients stem from referrals

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